Skin: (*ANGELICA) SORA :honeypink: lt brow
Hair: .:CHEVEUX:.M083 Hair Ashes4 @Creators Collection Box (May 21th) NEW!
Outfit: DAMI, love blossom gacha RARE ,BEIGE @Whimsical NEW!
Sailor Collar: DAMI, Sailor collar cape ,SW @Whimsical NEW!
Pose and Petals: [addme.] sakurapetals GACHA – [addme.] sakurapetals-008 @Creators Collection Box (May 21th) NEW!
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House: Scarlet Creative Aria Cottage @Luxe Box
Furniture: nefarious.inventions [n.i] repurposed Gacha @Whimsical NEW!
+ Bench: [n.i] repurposed.bench RARE
+ Bookshelf: [n.i] repurposed.bookshelf
+ Photo Board: [n.i] repurposed.photo.board
+ Chalkboard: [n.i] repurposed.chalkboard
Stack Book: [n.i] the.dispensary.book.stack
Cacti Book: [n.i] over.grown.cacti.book
Books: Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeA]
Books: Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeC]
Hot Chocolate Books: Amala – Hot Chocolate & Books – Exclusive (M/C/NT)
Piled Books: Amala – The Pile o’ Books
Information Board: +LunaRosarie+ L+R Information_board
@Creators Collection Box (May 21th) NEW!
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