Skin: VCO ~ benny
Hair: tram D314 hair
Hat: Schön [wagara fat] Mysterious girl / Casquette
@Creators Collection Box (November 21th) NEW!
Dress: Schön [wagara fat] Mysterious girl / Dress
@Creators Collection Box (November 21th) NEW!

Collar: AZOURY – Fanette Collar 1 @Enchantment NEW!
Gloves: =Zenith=Vintage Tighten Gloves (Black) @Wayward Market NEW!
Wrap: fri. – Mummy.Wrap (Upper Arm) – Coal
Shoes: Aii the Ugly & Beautiful + Death Geta + {aii} NEW!

■Decor: ALL [[RH]] Design House
[[RH]] Kuruwa Gacha @Creators Collection Box (November 21th)
House: 1 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- ZASHIKIROU [RARE] NEW!
Rug: 23 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Rug (Red) NEW!
Pipe Box: 4 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Kiseru set (Red) NEW!
Armrest: 22 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Armrest B NEW!
Side Light: 19 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Bed side Light (Black) NEW!
Paper Hanging: 18 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Decoration -Crane- (Red and White) NEW!
Paper Hanging: 17 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Decoration -Crane- (Gara) NEW!
Paper Hanging: 16 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Decoration -Tama- NEW!
Mirror: 14 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Mirror NEW!
Go Board: 3 [[RH]] -Kuruwa- GOBAN NEW!