Skin: { more more } LILY Skin
Hair: Doe: Biji @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Ears: ALTAIR* freya ears .pink. @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Dress: ALTAIR* princess nightgown .white. @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Scarf: {Imeka} Basic Scarf *Pastel Colors* @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Rosette: TMFB Rosette Rainbow @Kira Kira NEW!
Rosette: TMFB Rosette white @Kira Kira NEW!
Garter: . Quirky . Cherbub Garter – RARES @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Stars and Quote: A.D.D.Andel! Second Star To The Right @Enchantment NEW!
Bracelet: [MUSE] Neverland Bracelet @Enchantment NEW!
Circlet: [MUSE] Neverland Circlet V1 – PINK RARE @Enchantment NEW!
Necklace: [MUSE] Neverland Necklace V2 – PINK RARE @Enchantment NEW!
Nose Ring: [MUSE] Neverland Nose Ring V1 – PINK RARE @Enchantment NEW!
Pose: Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute SLC SS POSE Tinker Bell
+ (Tink 04 – SLC) @Enchantment Hunt Prize NEW!

Rainbow: A.D.D.Andel! Candy Rainbow – Pastel