Tophat: DRD – Eliza Top Hat – Black and Red

Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG Nightmare tattoo
Nose Chain: CerberusXing [CX] Monstrum Catena – Silver
Earrings: [Cubic Cherry] BLOGGERS- Null earrings

@The Mens Dept
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Liam Eyes
Bottle: Pewpew! Molotov – Black

@The Epiphany
Outfit: CUREMORE Asylum Villains Gacha
+ Outfit: CUREMORE AsylumVillains Mad Jester Outfit
+ Boots: CUREMORE AsylumVillains Boots Jester

Hair: tram I0110 hair FATPACK

Ears: .random.Matter. – Song Elfie Ears

Mesh Head (BENTO): GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap
Skin: CURELESS [+] Atropine Skin / BEIGE
Pose: Poseidon Sukeban Complete 1-6
+ Sukeban *9 w/o Bottle Pose
Talons: [ContraptioN] Vulture Talons *???*


@The Epiphany
Scene: anxiety the (after) life of the party Gacha
+ Skybox: anxiety %T(A)LOTP [st. pete’s cathedral] RARE
+ Plants: anxiety %T(A)LOTP [yukka plant]
+ Bat: anxiety %T(A)LOTP [pete’s slugger] GOODOL’FASHIONED
+ Grenade: anxiety %T(A)LOTP [xo grenade] PEPTOBISMOL

Benchs: [noctis] Black Winter Hall bench

Feather Chips: {anc} feather chips {soiree}FATPACK