Mesh Head (BENTO): GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap *beta
Skin (Applier): CURELESS [+] Atropine Skin PORCELAIN (v.1)
Ring: Dahlia Bayou Evangeline Ring Set @Enchantment NEW!
+ Dahlia – Bayou – Evangeline – Pearl – Ring
Vintage Jewels: SPELL : Vintage Jewels
+ Choker: SPELL : Vintage Pearls Choker
+ Necklace: SPELL : Vintage Pearls and Diamonds Necklace
Earrings: SPELL : Once Upon a Time… Gacha
+ SPELL : Princess Earring
Bracelet: *AvaWay* Wedding Collection Gacha
+ *AvaWay* Pearl Bracelet with diamond
Outfit: CUREMORE Antoinette’s Closet II Gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival NEW!
+ Hair: CUREMORE Antoinette’s II Rococo Hairstyle
+ Hair Piece: CUREMORE Antoinette’s II Rococo Hairstyle Accessory (ADDME)
+ Collar: CUREMORE Antoinette’s Closet II Queen Collar
+ Gloves: CUREMORE Antoinette’s Closet II Silk Gloves (Beige)
+ Gown: CUREMORE Antoinette’s Closet II Royalty Gown RARE
Macaron: :::ChicChica::: Sweet Gacha
+ :::ChicChica::: Sweet Gacha #1 UltraRare
Pose: BodyLanguage SLC Bento SS Pose
– urBeautiful FatPack
+ SLC Bento SS Pose – urBeautiful B – urBea09
* w/o Macaron pose

Apple Bounty Set: DISORDERLY. Apple Bounty @Shiny Shabby NEW!
+ Goblets: DISORDERLY. Apple Bounty Double Apple Goblets
+ Stands: DISORDERLY. Apple Bounty Apple Stands
+ Place Setting: DISORDERLY. Apple Bounty Apple Place Setting
+ Center Row: DISORDERLY. Apple Bounty Center Apple Row
+ Display Bowl: DISORDERLY. / Apple Bounty / Apple Display Bowl
Tower of Sweets: DISORDERLY&CURELESS Bunnyful Autumn Gacha
Garden Party Set: *:..Silvery K..:*Garden party Gacha
+ Cake: *:..Silvery K..:*Garden party(Cake)RARE
+ Croquembouche: *:..Silvery K..:*Garden party(Croquembouche)10
Chandeliers: -DRD- Bloodcroft Castle Gacha
+ 22 – DRD – Bloodcroft Castle – Grande Chandelier
One World Set: Nutmeg. One World Set Fatpack
+ Table: Nutmeg. Rustic Industrial Table Black
+ Chairs: Nutmeg. Vintage French Chair Black
Cathedral: MedievalFantasy Store
[MF] Mesh sublime cathedral