Mesh Head (BENTO): CATWA HEAD Catya
Skin (Applier): [700] Blooming gacha (catwaeye)
+ [700] Blooming gacha RARE2 (Hanaskin)(catwa)
Makeup (Lashes): ~Shiny Stuffs~ Madly Beautiful CATWA Appliers @Enchantment NEW!
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Alice” @Enchantment NEW!
Outfit: Infinity Alice Gacha @Enchantment NEW!
+ Dress: Infinity_Alice RARE
+ Key: Infinity_Key 1
+ Hat: Infinity_Top Hat RED
Cat: *HEXtraordinary* Cheshire Cat Companion @Enchantment NEW!
Dodo: Jinx : Dodo add-on mod for the WHRH (WB/QH)
Dodo Base: Water Horse Riding Horse
+ ~*WH*~ Riding Horse (English Warmblood)

Trees: Titans – ThisWayThatWay Tree @Enchantment NEW!
Mushrooms: Raindale – Wonderland mushrooms @Enchantment NEW!
Cabinet: MOoH! Alice Cabinet @Enchantment NEW!
* Enchantment Hunt Prize
Sweets: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess Gacha @Enchantment NEW!
+ DISORDERLY. Elegant Mess Tea & Sandwiches Gold
+ DISORDERLY. Elegant Mess Rabbit Cake Stand RARE
+ DISORDERLY. Elegant Mess Heart Sandwich Plate Gold
+ DISORDERLY. Elegant Mess Heart Sandwich Plate Silver
+ DISORDERLY. Elegant Mess Rabbit Cupcake Stand RARE
Poker Symbols: Puke Rainbows Store [PR] Poker Symbols @Enchantment NEW!
+ [PR] Poker Symbols – Ground
Table Set: BackBone Shabby Chic @Deco(C)rate NEW!
+ Table: BackBone Shabby Chic – Light Blue Table
+ Chair: BackBone Shabby Chic – Light Blue Chair
+ Doily: BackBone Shabby Chic – Doily
+ Vase: BackBone Shabby Chic – Vase of Roses