Mesh Head (BENTO): LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Lulu
Skin (Applier): [ MUDSKIN ]_CANDICE Gacha @Kustom9 NEW!
Face Bandage: Just Gigi- Rough Weekend FATPACK @The Mens Dept NEW!
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Ruli @Kustom9 NEW!
Cap: (epia) – Modern Officer Cap
Outfit: BlankLineRiderJacket/TightColorPants @The Mens Dept NEW!
+ Jacket: BlankLine Rider Jacket [Black] Gianni
+ Pants: BlankLine Tight color pants [Black] Gianni
Military Set: *:..Silvery K..:*Military Girl Gacha
+ Medal: *:..Silvery K..:*Military Girl(Medal)9
+ Armband: *:..Silvery K..:*Military Girl(Armband Green)7
Camera: AsteroidBox. 1940s Camera @Rewind NEW!
+ AsteroidBox. 1940s Camera – Dirty p1
Pose: BodyLanguage SLC AO Resolution
+ (HUD)SLC SS Pose – Mood – Mood03m
* w/o Camera Pose

Spitfires: [ContraptioN] Decor: Pin-Up Spitfire Prop @Rewind NEW!
+ [ContraptioN] Decor: Pin-Up Spitfire Prop A *default*
+ [ContraptioN] Decor: Pin-Up Spitfire Prop B *default*
Tower and Rubble: {-Maru Kado-} Rusted Tower and Rubble set @Remnant Dark Days NEW!
+ Tower (white): {-Maru Kado-} Rusted Tower_white (12Li)
+ Tower (Red): {-Maru Kado-} Rusted Tower_red (12Li)
+ Large Rubble: {-Maru Kado-} Large rubble (5Li)
+ Concrete Block: {-Maru Kado-} Concrete block (1Li)
Robots: {-Maru Kado-} Rb_ALL @Remnant Dark Days NEW!
+ {-Maru Kado-} Rb-01_orange (5Li)
+ {-Maru Kado-} Rb-02_orange (5Li)
+ {-Maru Kado-} Rb-03_orange (5Li)
Robots: {-Maru Kado-} SD_ALL @Remnant Dark Days NEW!
+ {-Maru Kado-} SD-01_white (2Li)
+ {-Maru Kado-} SD-02_white (stone_S/2Li)

Scene: D-LAB SKY PIRATE Gacha (Full Set)
Scene: D-LAB SKY PIRATES 2 Gacha (Full Set)