Mesh Head (BENTO): CATWA HEAD Lona
Skin and Eyes: [ MUDSKIN ]_Jin & Sul Gacha @Kustom9 NEW!
+ Skin (Applier): [ MUDSKIN ]_Sul# RARE
+ Eyes: [ MUDSKIN ]_Jin&Sul # Eye Set2
Hair: tram G0419 hair / FATPACK @Uber NEW!
Bunny Ears: Aii The Ugly & Beautiful
+ Little BunBun Ears & Tail + {aii} @Lost and Found NEW!
Outfit: DAMI Stay With Me Gacha @The Kawaii Project NEW!
+ Collar: DAMI Stay With Me GACHA *5
+ Dress: DAMI Stay With Me GACHA * RARE
Pose: Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute
           BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO Breeze @Uber NEW!
            + (HUD)SLC Bento SS Pose – Sea Spray – SeaSpray5

Backdrop: Astralia – Kawaii backdrops Gacha @No21 NEW!
+ Astralia – Cherry blossom backdrop RARE