Mesh Head (BENTO): CATWA HEAD Lona
Skin (Applier): BT.Boataom BT:Alice”CATWA”Applier
Eyes: SOMEMORE / SaeBom Eyes RARE Pack
Makeup (Highlighter): The Horror!~ Borealis Highlighter @The Seasons Story NEW!
+ The Horror!~ Borealis Highlighter (+Materials)
Makeup (EyeShadow): Veechi – Spring Breeze Shadow @The Seasons Story NEW!
Facial Pose (BENTO): Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute
     BodyLanguage SLC Bento Facial SS POSE Blossom
+ Open Mouth: (HUD)SLC Bento Facial SS POSE Blossom – Open mouth – open1
+ Tongue Position: (HUD)SLC Bento Facial SS POSE Blossom – Tongue Position – middle1
Hair: PINK HUSTLER *PH* disordered hair ///// 3
Bags: *barberyumyum*bangs(H)
Track Jacket: [The Forge] – Apex – Track Top, Black. [Gianni] @The Mens Dept NEW!
Bottom: =Zenith=secret agent Gacha
+ =Zenith=secret agent Short (Black)-Maitreya
Garter: [The Forge] Yuki Gacha @LOOTBOX NEW!
+ [The Forge] Yuki Panty, Black
Nail (BENTO): Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system
Rings (BENTO): Astralia – Bayswater rings with HUD (Slink/Vista/Maitreya) @The Seasons Story NEW!
Megaphone: =Zenith=Criminal Police Gacha
+ =Zenith=Criminal Police Loud – Exclusive
Left Hand Pose: [addme.] Pose#092 (Single-Bento/Head~FingersLR)- #092-4LBento @PoseFair2017 (April 14th) NEW!

Liqueur Dispenser: [ kunst ] – Industrial liqueur dispenser @The Mens Dept NEW!
Beer Batch Set: SAYO – Beer Batch Set @The Mens Dept NEW!
+ Draft BeerTop: SAYO – Beer Batch Set – Draft BeerTop
+ Beer Flight: [Copper Mill] Beer Batch Set – Beer Flight
+ Beer Frame: [Copper Mill] Beer Batch Set – Beer Frame
+ Beer Sign: SAYO – Beer Batch Set – Industrial Beer Sign
Mood Cloud: Moon Rabbit ~MR~Mood Full Pack @The Kawaii Project NEW!
+ ~MR~Mood Voltage
Backdrop: anxiety algorithm @The Chapter Four NEW!
Neon: Ariskea & The Den [Tokyo]Wall Decor