Maeh Head: VCO ~Elf Mesh Head [Elin Open Mouth] 012 RARE
Nail: [PiAD]winter nail Gacha – [PiAD]winter nail 7 @The Seasons Story NEW!
Hair: .Olive. the Wonderland Hair – FATPACK [Rez] RARE @The Epiphany NEW!
Collar: CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 12 / queenscollar
Dress: Boudoir Queen of Cards Couture NEW!

Dog House and Pose: Astralia – Sexy slave dog house @The Hentai Fair NEW!
Wonderland Furniture: Boudoir Alice Gacha NEW!
+ The Hatterl: The Hatter Paper Doll
+ Rabbit: The White Rabbit Paper Doll
+ Table: Tea Time Table
+ Couch: Mad Hatter’s Couch
Lunch Plate: [Black Bantam] Cafeteria Lunch Tray Pink RARE
Mugcup: [Fetch] Sippy MugCocoa RARE @The Seasons Story NEW!
Mugcup: Schadenfreude Snowflake Cocoa (giver) @The Seasons Story NEW!
Tray: nefarious.inventions – [n.i] love.and.cholesterol.tray.light
Coffee Set: {Imeka} Winter – Coffee Time! @The Seasons Story NEW!
Unicorn Cookie Art: ~silentsparrow~ Cake Cutie – Unicorn Cookie Art @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Cupcake Art: ~silentsparrow~ Cake Cutie – Cupcake Art @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Rainbow Cake Art: ~silentsparrow~ Cake Cutie – Rainbow Cake Art @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Garland: +Half-Deer+ Lovely Heart Garland [FATPACK] @The Kawaii Project NEW!
+ +Half-Deer+ Lovely Heart Garland – Baby Pink – Vertical
+ +Half-Deer+ Lovely Heart Garland – Baby Pink – Short
+ +Half-Deer+ Lovely Heart Garland – Hot Pink – Short