Skin: Rotten Toe – !RT!:.:Mon:.:FatPack:.
Mesh Lip: VCO ~ Doran Mesh Lip 002 { RARE }
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Makeup: violetta. -female komari-mayu eyebrows01(Pale Tone)
Hair: Blues. Perla – FATPACK @Kustom9 (December 15th) NEW!
Antlers: Blues. Holiday Antlers – Black @Kustom9 (December 15th) NEW!
Flower Piece: NAMINOKE – *N*Ginkgo Accessories Mono @We love Role-Play NEW!
+ Flower Crown: *N*Gingko crown mono
+ Flower wing: *N*Gingko Wing 1 mono
+ Flower wing: *N*Gingko Wing 2 mono
Necklace: Pure Poison – My Mechanichal CatSoul – Necklace
Dress: :MoonAmore&Disorderly: Sugarbranch Dress / Maitreya exp @Collabor88 NEW!
Branches: :MoonAmore&Disorderly: Sugar Branches ADDON (Addme) @Collabor88 NEW!
Wings: Aii the Ugly & Beautiful + Bento Devil Wings Set + {egosumaii} NEW!
▷This item need Bento Viewr
Tail: Aii the Ugly & Beautiful + Bento Devil Tail @We love Role-Play NEW!
▷This item need Bento Viewr

Holiday Furniture: DRD Krampus Hunt NEW!
+ Boot: 1 DRD TKH – That Jolly Mans Boot
+ Hat (on the crow): 2 DRD TKH – That Jolly Mans Hat
+ Sled: 3 DRD TKH – That Brats Old Sled
+ Ornament (on the cage): 4 DRD TKH – That Annoying Gingerbread Man
+ Holiday Stocking: 5 DRD TKH – That Hideous Stocking
+ Hat (on the Bear): 6 DRD TKH – Krampus Hat – Black
+ Reindeer Light: 7 DRD TKH – That Jolly Mans Reindeer
+ Cage: 8 DRD TKH – That Brat in a Cage
+ Ornament (on the cage): 9 DRD TKH – Krampus Ornament
+ Bear: 10 DRD TKH – That Hideous Bear
+ Sack and PresentBox: 12 DRD TKH – Krampus Sack
+ Plate: 13 DRD TKH – That Hideous Centerpiece
+ Big Minion: 15 DRD TKH – Krampus Minion
▷Hunt for 14 exclusive gifts and one Grand Prize
more info DRD Inworld Group

Table Setting: DRD Group Gift – December 2016 NEW!

Full Scene: (Milk Motion) The roofs of Paris Gacha @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
+ The Roofs: (Milk Motion) roofs of Paris – The roofs – RARE
+ Smoke: (Milk Motion) Paris roofs – CHIMNEYS SMOKE HUD
+ Rain: (Milk Motion) Paris roofs – RAIN HUD
Milk Motion inworld mainstore is coming back soon