Skin: Rotten Toe – !RT!:.:Mon:.:FatPack:.
Mesh Lip: VCO ~Benny Mesh Lip
Makeup: violetta. -female komari-mayu eyebrows01(Pale Tone)
Hair: [Mello] Bubbles – Brownies @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Necklace: Faenzo Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Outfit: . offbeat . and you gatcha @Shiny Shabby NEW!
+ Choker: . offbeat . and you : clear O ring choker (Gold/White)
+ Outfit: . offbeat . and you : flower shadow Rare (red)
▷with Hands
Pose: K&S Store – K&S ~Katya~ poses 12 – K&S ~Katya~ pose 2 NEW!

Kitchen Set: IONIC : La casa del Pueblo Gacha @The Chapter Four NEW!
+ House: ionic : la casa del pueblo RARE
+ Kitchen: ionic : la cocina del pueblo
+ Table: ionic : la mesa del pueblo
+ Chair: ionic : el banquito del pueblo
+ Plate (donuts and milk): ionic : leche con rosquillas
+ Plate (sunny side up): ionic : desayuno con huevo
+ Pudding: ionic : flan de huevo
+ Stew: ionic : crema de calabacin
+ Milk Bottle: ionic : leche en botellas
+ Ravioli Set: ionic : ravioles de ricota

Kitchen Tools: *ionic* Vintage Gacha - *ionic* Kitchen Menage
Kitchen Counter: *ionic* Vintage Gacha - *ionic* Vintage Kitchen counter
Fruit Shelf: *ionic* La Cafeteria gacha – *ionic* Fruit Shelf
Hanging Plant: *ionic* La Cafeteria gacha – *ionic* Hanging Plant
Scales: *ionic* La Cafeteria gacha – *ionic* Scales with Lemon
Orange Juicer: *ionic* La Cafeteria gacha – *ionic* Orange juicer
Eggs: *ionic* La Cafeteria gacha – *ionic* Orange juicer!
Bread Can: *ionic* The House Cafe – *ionic* Loaf of bread

ChristmaS Ornament Set: {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / GACHA/ @Creators Collection Box NEW!
+ Counter: {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / CounteR**
+ Ornament (Apple): {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / ApplE(B)**
+ Ornament (Apple): {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / ApplE(A) **
+ Ornament (Bread): {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / BreaD(A)**
+ Ornament (gold): {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / GolD**
+ Wreath: {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / SimplE WreatH(B)**
+ Christmas Tree: {iD} ChristmaS OrnamenT / ChristmaS TreE(B) [RARE]**

Light Deco: LAGOM-PandaCraze Gacha @The Kawaii Project NEW!
+ Light Tree: LAGOM-PandaCraze [Lighttree Yellow]
+ Mirror: part of LAGOM-PandaCraze [Desk] RARE

Cookie Tin: DISORDERLY. / FFC / V1 / Cookie Tin / Plain
Cookie Tray: DISORDERLY. / FFC / V1 / Cookie Tray / Plain
Cookie Tray: DISORDERLY. / FFC / V1 / Cookie Tray / Fancy
Cookie Tray: DISORDERLY. / FFC / V1 / Cookie Tray / Frosted