Skin: VCO ~ Yamo Skin Gacha_ 001 NEW!
Eyes: :Conviction: Contusion Complete Set @Memento.Mori
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Tongue: AsteroidBox. Taste of Silver // Blogger Kit @Bloody Horror Fair 2016 (October 25th) NEW!
Tattoo: [Ephemeral Tattoo] – [Ephemeral-Malignis] @Bloody Horror Fair 2016 (October 25th) NEW!
Hair Piece: (Poisoned Diamond) Daemon @Bloody Horror Fair 2016 (October 25th) NEW!
+ Hair: (Poisoned Diamond) Daemon hair
+ Headpiece: (Poisoned Diamond) Daemon headpiece RED
+ Necklace: (Poisoned Diamond) Daemon necklace RED
Bangs: *barberyumyum*bangs (B)
Collar and Spine: \\Naberius\\ Spinal Tap *gunmetal* @ROMP NEW!
▷[ContraptioN] and [CerberusXing] Collaboration

Outfit: {VINCUE} & Kibitz – Mary+set Gacha @The Epiphany NEW!
+ Dress: {VINCUE} & Kibitz – Mary+outfit – RARE 1
+ Crown: {VINCUE} & Kibitz – Mary+crown – silver
+ Ring: {VINCUE} & Kibitz – Mary+ring3 – silver
+ Ring (Sun): {VINCUE} & Kibitz – Mary+ring4 – silver
+ Staff: {VINCUE} & Kibitz – Mary+staff – black/silver
+ Gloves: {VINCUE} & Kibitz – Mary+gloves [EXCLUSIVE]
Tentacle Piece: NAMINOKE – *N*Tentacle Flower @FREAKSHOW Carnival (October 28th) NEW!
+ Body: *N*Tentacle Flower Body Fat
+ Leg: *N*Tentacle Flower Leg R Fat
+ Upper Leg: *N*Tentacle Upper Leg Fat
Tentacle Chest Piece: Sweet Thing. Tentacle Embrace – Red – Maitreya @ROMP NEW!
Shoes: Astralia – Melissa Heels (Maitreya) @Kustom9 NEW!
Wings: Caboodle – Demon Wings – Black @The Epiphany NEW!
Tail: Caboodle – Demon Tail – Black @The Epiphany NEW!

Furniture: JIAN Blogger Witch’s Recluse Gacha @Salem NEW!
+ House: JIAN Witch’s Recluse :: Abandoned Shack RARE
+ Cabinet: JIAN Witch’s Recluse :: Cabinet
+ Bottles & Spells: JIAN Witch’s Recluse :: Bottles & Spells
+ Old Hooks: JIAN Witch’s Recluse :: Old Hooks
+ Chair: JIAN Witch’s Recluse :: Chair
Furniture: Astralia – Fashion Killer! Gacha @The Epiphany NEW!
+ Coffin: Astralia – Fashion Victim Coffin RARE
+ Coffin Text: Astralia – Fashion Killer coffin additional texts
+ Chandelier: Astralia – Fashion Killer! Chandelier
+ Pentagram: Astralia – Fashion Killer! Petals Pentagram (black)
+ Brum: Astralia – Fashion Killer! Animated Brum black (rezz)
+ Calderon: Astralia – Fashion Killer! Calderon Red
Altar Table: +Spellbound+ Suspended Altar Table RARE
Shelves: +Spellbound+ Keepsake Shelves RARE
Rug: DRD MS – Pentagram Rug – Square @Memento.Mori
Skull and Pose: Le Poppycock *Dark Promises* Requiem @Labyrinth NEW!