Skin: VCO ~ Lovely Vampire Gacha {003}
Mesh Lip: VCO ~ Kiss me Mesh Lip 001 . RARE
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Daya~ Purple Eye @The Project Se7en (September 30th) NEW!
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Soyeon /Mixed @Uber NEW!
Hat: NAMINOKE – *N*HalloweenHat Fortune Blk
@Pumpkin of Panic 2016 in Okinawa (October 1st) NEW!
Horn and Book: Le Coq D’or – Moon light GACHA @SaNaRae (September 26th) NEW!
+ Horn: 2.Le Coq D’or – Moon light – Horns [yellow] NEW!
+ Book: 7.Le Coq D’or – Moon light – Book 1 NEW!
Jacket: Semller Flower Bomber @The Project Se7en (September 30th) NEW!
Vest: Semller Under-Jacket-Part @The Project Se7en (September 30th) NEW!
Ribbon: *BOOM* Perky Bowkerchief (spine) short -graphite shine-
Stocking and Shoes: *COCO*_PlatformBoots_Black @Uber
Pose and Teacup: [andika[Sunday afternoon]posepack] – wear/04(m)cioccolata @SaNaRae (September 26th) NEW!

Kitty: *katat0nik* Tendril Kitty Gacha @SaNaRae (September 26th) NEW!
+ Red Kitty: *katat0nik* (red / heart) Tendril Kitty RARE NEW!
+ Purple Kitty: *katat0nik* (purple / skull) Tendril Kitty NEW!
Macaroon Pet: Les sucreries de Fairy – Sweet Macaroons Gacha
@The Project Se7en (September 30th) NEW!
+ Pink: Sweet Macaroon Pink shoulder companion NEW!
+ Yellow: Sweet Macaroon Yellow shoulder companion NEW!
Moon: Le Coq D’or – Moon light GACHA @SaNaRae (September 26th) NEW!
+ Moon: 1.Le Coq D’or – Moon light – Moon RARE
Star Flakes: {anc} star flakes / texture field [dark gold]