Skin: Rotten Toe – !RT:.:Saoirse:.:FatPack
Mesh Lip: VCO ~ Popo Coral Mesh Lip
Face Tattoo: #adored – liza frankie – face stickers – love {tattoo} @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Nail: #adored – girl talk nails @The Kawaii Project NEW!
Hair: little bones. Harley hair[27] RARE
Outfit: `M.BIRDIE / Last summer look Gacha
+ `M.BIRDIE / Last Summer . with swimsuitA maitreya RARE @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
Arm Straps: *katat0nik* Arm Straps
Collar: { L o v e f o x } – {L} Gothic Collar; Small Spikes
Bat and Pose: Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute @We love Role-Play NEW!
+ BodyLanguage SLC SS POSE Lucky You – (Add)SLC SS POSE Luky You – 05

Sports Furniture: nefarious.inventions – [n.i] Days Gone Gacha @The Arcade Gacha NEW!
+ Footballers Portraits: 3. [n.i] footballers NEW!
+ Teams Portraits: 4. [n.i] teams NEW!
+ Lamp: 5. [n.i] lamp NEW!
+ Books and Boxing: 6. [n.i] boxing NEW!
+ Cricket Display: 7. [n.i] cricket NEW!
+ Crew Bag: 8. [n.i] crew NEW!
+ Locker: 9. [n.i] lockers RARE NEW!
+ Trophy: 10. [n.i] trophy NEW!
+ Pommel: 11. [n.i] pommel NEW!
+ Pillow: 12. [n.i] pillow NEW!
House: :HAIKEI: Attic Storage Gacha RARE
Hanger: :HAIKEI: Attic Storage Gacha {1}
Stack Box: :HAIKEI: Attic Storage Gacha {5}