Skin: violetta. -female Japonisme skin Red
☆ This skin are matched perfectly with the Maitreya Mesh Body’s official skin tones
Eyes: VCO SKIN _ Lens 05
Mesh Lip: VCO ~ Popo Coral Mesh Lip
Nail: violetta. -nail appliers -asanoha syuiro @Japonica NEW!
Makeup: violetta. -female eyebrows01(Pale Tone)
Makeup: eyecandy – glitter highlight – orange
Hair: tram F525 hair NEW!
HairStick: NAMINOKE – *N*Japanese stuartia Natsutsubaki HairStick White
@We love Role-Play! NEW!
Earcuff: NAMINOKE – *N*Japanese stuartia NatsuTsubaki White Earcuff R
@We love Role-Play! NEW!
Kimono: tomoto, kimono waterpaint lime @Japonica NEW!
Bag: *agapee* – 13-*agp* Kaho Kinchaku [RARE] @Japonica NEW!
Water Balloon: [addme.] Pose#040-8 (wear/add) RARE nm/C/nt
Background: [[RH]] NIHONKAOKU -Ade-