Skin: VCO ~ Tina’s Skin { RARE }
Eyes: .tsg. Neko Luvers – Rose Gold
Makeup Lip: violetta. -ringo ame lips(BR) @Japonica NEW!
Makeup Eyebrows: violetta. -female komari-mayu eyebrows01(Pale Tone)
Face Tattoo: Aii the Ugly & Beautiful + War Paint 11 + {aii} NEW!
Nail: violetta. -nail appliers -asanoha syuiro @Japonica NEW!
▷this nail is all different pattern (mix)
Hair: .Olive. the Lady B Hair – FATPACK @Crystal Heart Festival NEW!
Accessorys: *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi gacha @Japonica NEW!
+ Hair Ribbon: *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 1 RARE: nonbiri usagi ribbon NEW!
+ Bunny Ears: *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 2 RARE: kamatte usagi NEW!
+ Braids: *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 4: ohitori usagi NEW!
+ Knee Pad: *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 7: sirimoti usagi NEW!
+ Knee Ribbon: *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 8: asikiri usagi Maitreya NEW!
Kimono: W-ZERO -00-KimonoDress-Red @Japonica NEW!
Shoes: Air_Izumo_GOLD type* – Air_Izumo_3G*sango(red) @Japonica NEW!
Oaken Club: *katat0nik* (Rica) Toy Kanabo @Japonica NEW!
Pose: [addme.] Pose#077 (Action) HUD-F&B – 077-6 @Japonica NEW!

Lantern: [CX] Bon Chouchin (Red Pattern+Shadow) @Japonica NEW!
Lantern: Ariskea[Tenshi] Lantern [Red] @Crystal Heart Festival NEW!
Black Lamp: [235] Modern Moon Gacha, 3. Modern Lamp(Black) @The Project Se7en NEW!
Moon: [235] Modern Moon Gacha, Rare 2. Moonlight Carpet @The Project Se7en NEW!
Bridge: {anc} Japaneseatelier/saucers/kokihi 1Li RARE
Bamboo: {anc} Garden by anc bamboo /wear or rez