Skin: [Heaux] Ning – FATPACK *Velour Tone
+ [Heaux] Ning – Icy *Velour Tone
Eyes: Insol: Silvia HD eyes [Lel EvoX] + BOM
Top: AsteroidBox. Pearl Shirt – Fatpack
Collar: Random Matter – Nym Shock Collar

Hair: [monso] Mya Hair

@The Mens Dept
Earrings: Badwolf – End Earrings
Cigarette and Can: The Factory – NextGen CANFEST [FATPACK]
+ Cigarette: :: TF :: NextGen [CIGARETTE HAND] (female)
+ Can: The Factory – :: TF :: NextGen CANFEST (female)

@past The Warehouse Sale
Armtech: :::SOLE::: SA – Armtech Mk.8 (Fat Pack)

Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1
Makeup (Eyeliners): Bossie. quick eyeliners [LeL EvoX]
Piercings: LittleFish – ~LF~ EziliV2
Skirt: AsteroidBox. Celest Skirt
Nails: VOZ – Nails 2023
+ 25.[VOZ] Electronic Components Nails – Legacy F – RARE

Backdrop: .PALETO.Backdrop:.MotelRED