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A Second Life blog of Nekotto.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Nekotto in world.

Review Policy

All rights reserved for all the imagaes.
Please do not reprint without permission.
I will NOT tolerate any violation against the TOS of linden lab.
Copyright infringement is an improper or unauthorized use of a copyrighted work.
In any case, I’ll not be blogging these items.

I have trypophobia. I’m afraid of clusters of holes.
I can’t use items that make the mental association of these.

About the shooting of the buildings and furnitures.
I do all photographic backgrounds in set rather than location shooting. The background is essential to weaves words and stories into my image. I want to give the person the most matching background. So for me background are very important. Therefore, I’ll not take pictures of the buildings alone. and I don’t have many pictures of the whole picture of the background.

About the Flickr post.
I do not do group posting other than Second Life official, each store and the event official in my Flickr posts.

There are various opinions about this, but some groups authorize group postings on the condition that they share favorites and comments with each other. This may be an easy way to add more favorites and views to your photos. However, I think these actions may confuse the viewer and interfere with the readability of the photo. Of course there are many great groups that are not.

It is up to the individual to decide how each person judges the picture. I have no objection to it. But, I aim for a picture that looks really good to the viewer rather than a manipulated favorites and views. To make the creators and events in the photos easier to understand, my post focuses on the tags of the creators and my event groups.

thank you.